July 18, 2007

Mazda reaches 40 million vehicle sales since 1931

Hiroshima, Japan – Mazda has marked 40 million units of cumulative production in Japan, with the milestone vehicle, a Mazda2, rolling off the production line yesterday. The record was achieved in the 75 years and nine months since Mazda began production of three-wheeled trucks in October 1931.

“Mazda was able to achieve 40 million units of cumulative production due to the great support of our customers,” says Hisakazu Imaki, President, Chairman of the Board and CEO. “This milestone is also the result of the steadfast efforts of the many employees and people associated with Mazda who have been the cornerstone of our success throughout the company’s existence. Mazda’s appetite for embracing challenges and a spirited corporate culture drive us to develop new technologies and create new value. This is the reason why, of all the automakers around the world, Mazda is the only brand that produces rotary engine cars.”

Mazda initially established itself as a manufacturer of light trucks, and moved into the passenger car segment in 1960 with the R360 Coupe minicar. It became a global corporation through sports cars, including the Cosmo Sport (also sold as the R110S), the world’s first dual-rotor rotary engine, and the Savanna RX-7. Its current models include the Atenza (Mazda6) and Axela (Mazda3).

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