Only 100 units are available in Canada and the US respectively

A year before Mazda releases the next-generation MX-5, Mazda plans to go out with a special edition have been a rampant success, especially in the United States.

Mazda USA went live with their MX-5 25th Anniversary Edition pre-order site yesterday morning, allowing 250 people to reserve their spot for 100 available units. Ordering was set to run until May 31st, however all 250 spots were taken within the first ten minutes.

In Canada, the 25th Anniversary Edition car is being sold through traditional dealer channels, though pre-order is available. As of May 21st, 84 units had been spoken for, leaving 16 units up for grabs.

While in New York for NYIAS, we got the full monty on the special edition roadster and details on the next-generation SkyActiv-powered MX-5.

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