Japanese automaker will let customers be the judge in the end

Multiple articles have been posted in recent days about Mazda’s upward aims in other global markets. The Japanese automaker is looking to build vehicles commanding higher transaction prices.

Here in Canada, the same is true for Mazda’s intentions. However, the company isn’t looking as far up as the Germans.

“Mazda is not looking at becoming a luxury brand like BMW or Audi. Our brand positioning will continue to be within the non-premium segment,” stated Sandra Lemaitre, Mazda Canada’s national manager of public relations.

This comes after CarAdvice spoke to Seita Kanai, Mazda representative director and vice chairman, who was frank in Mazda’s previous luxury push with the Amati and Eunos brands.

“To be honest we had that already and we kind of failed creating that Eunos brand along with the Mazda brand,” Kanai said to CarAdvice.

Instead, Mazda is looking for higher transaction prices on their current line of products.

“What we would like to see is, as our product, customer experience, and brand perception strengthens, it reaches a level at which customers will value our brand enough to be willingly pay a little more for our products,” continued Lemaitre.

That might mean less cash on the hood for buyers.

“This doesn’t mean that our products will be priced higher than our competition; we will continue to price our products at the heart of the segment, but perhaps with less incentives. Having said that, it is the customer, not us, who decides what the right price is for our products and services.”

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