September 14, 2007

Mazda develops world’s first 100 per cent plant-derived fabric

New Mazda plant-based seat fabric
New Mazda plant-based seat fabric. Click image to enlarge

Hiroshima, Japan – Mazda has announced that it has developed the world’s first “bio-fabric”, made with completely plant-derived fibres and suitable for vehicle interiors. The fabric was developed by Mazda Motor Corporation, in collaboration with Teijin Limited and Teinjin Fibers Limited.

The new fabric contains no oil-based materials, but possesses the quality and durability needed for vehicle seat covers. It is resistant to abrasion and damage from sunlight, and is flame retardant.

Mazda plans to use the fabric for seat covers and door trim in the all-new Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid that it will exhibit in October at the Tokyo Motor Show. (The Premacy is sold in North America as the Mazda5.) The car will also feature a bio-plastic that Mazda developed in 2006.

The company says that its research will include development on non-food-based materials, in consideration of the effect such technologies have on food supplies. The bio-fabric is made of 100 per cent polylactic acid, a plastic created by combining large numbers of lactic acid molecules made from fermented carbohydatres, such as plant sugars.

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