“We don’t have that kind of vehicle in our future product plan.”

Last week, in the first-ever weekly Salt Truck column, I predicted Mazda wouldn’t be adding any new performance models to the lineup. Actually, what I said was this:

And do you know what definitely isn’t going to happen before 2020? Any performance Mazda model outside the established MX-5 and Mazdaspeed3.

It seems the prediction was dead on and Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai seems set on making the most of the limited range of cars the Japanese automaker currently has on offer.

Speaking with Automotive News, Kogai stated, “We don’t have that kind of vehicle in our future product plan,” when asked specifically about the rotary-powered RX series. Instead, Mazda will focus on higher quality sales (read: higher transaction prices per car and less incentives) and not higher volumes going forward.

Outside the soon-to-bow CX-3 and re-engineered versions of the CX-9 and Mazda5, the lineup looks to stay pretty much the same until Mazda can generate more profit.

Instead of an RX revival, Mazda will update their SKYACTIV engine and transmission lineup to roll out before 2020. The new engines could use homogeneous charge compression ignition, or HCCI, a way for gas engines to work without a spark much like diesel powerplants.

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