Toronto, Ontario – Mazda and Audi took the top spots among mainstream and luxury brands in the inaugural Canadian Perceived Quality Score (PQS) from ALG Inc., which compiles residual values and depreciation data.

“The Mazda3, which constitutes approximately 53 per cent of Mazda’s total sales, has been near the top of the Canadian sales charts in both 2011 and 2010, so it’s not surprising that Mazda leads the mainstream list with a substantial margin of 12 points above the second-ranked brand,” said Geoff Helby, regional director for ALG Canada. “The winning combination of Audi’s ‘truth in engineering’ and design helps the brand land firmly at the top of the luxury category.”

For the inaugural study, ALG surveyed approximately 2,500 Canadian consumers to measure perceptions of a number of mainstream and luxury automotive brands. In future, it will survey consumers twice as a year as is done for the U.S. PQS.

The Canadian study also determined the top three brands consumers are considering purchasing for their next vehicles. Ford topped the list at 28 per cent, followed by Honda and Toyota, both at 25 per cent. While Toyota and Ford have above-average PQS ratings on the initial survey of 74.8 and 66.7 out of 100, respectively, Honda’s below-average ranking of 61.3 may be driven in part by the launch of the new-generation Civic in 2011, which was significantly affected by production issues stemming from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Lexus was slightly below average on the luxury list, with an average PQS of 72.2, after topping the list of luxury brands in the U.S. survey in the fall of 2011. This could be attributed to Toyota’s recent recall of approximately 23,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in 2011, ALG said. Mercedes-Benz and BMW also performed below average, at 62.4 and 63.5 per cent respectively, even though both have a large share of the Canadian luxury market.

In the mainstream category, Mazda led at 85.5 per cent, followed by GMC at 78.1, Toyota at 74.8, and Hyundai and Buick tied at 74.5. The Dodge truck nameplate, which includes the Dodge Durango and Journey, ranked lowest at 54.6 per cent.

In the luxury category, Audi was highest at 84.7 per cent, followed by Porsche at 84.6 per cent, Land Rover at 83.7, Infiniti at 78.5, and Volvo at 77.1. Jaguar ranked lowest at 61 per cent.

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