Trucks fuelling overall market growth; Ford still overall sales leader coming out of May.

Just like our neighbours to the south, it seems we will buy as many trucks as the Big 3 will build. Ford Canada saw their best monthly sales since 1997, a sign things are finally turning around.

Volkswagen is another notable brand having its best month in history, pushing 8656, up 8.3% over last May. However, the big monthly non-lux winners were Scion (+62.9%), Subaru (+28.6%), Honda (+22.2%), RAM (+20.4%), and…wait a moment…Mitsubishi (+16.5%)?

For all that Mitsubishi is doing wrong, this is the third consecutive month they’ve cleared over 2000 units.

On the luxury side, Cadillac (+55.1%), Jaguar (+54.3%), Porsche (+28.9%), Acura (+22.6%), and Audi (+17.6%) are the monthly winners.

On the other end of the sales chart are some stalwarts of red sales numbers. Smart, Lincoln, Mini, Volvo, and Suzuki make up the bottom five to the surprise of nobody.

Ford continues its brand domination at 115,654 YTD sales, with the second spot going to Toyota at 70,783, a fairly significant spread.

Ford is also leading the pack from a corporate standpoint, scoring 117,946 YTD sales versus Chrysler’s 113,012.

Data provided by GoodCarBadCar.

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