Windsor assembly plant will shut down for 12 weeks to retool for next-generation Town and Country

Chrysler will be shutting down their Windsor assembly plant as they ready for a “stunning” new minivan to replace the aging Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne said he hopes “the minivan will be riding the Windsor lines within 2015.”

The shutdown to retool the plant will take a record 12 weeks, signifying a drastic change for Chrysler’s bread and butter family hauler.

However, Chrysler must be careful not to spread inventories of the current generation minivans too thin during the planned downtime. When the company shut down Jeep Liberty production to ready for the new Cherokee, the company was left without a mid-size SUV for much longer than anticipated.

[Source: The Windsor Star]

2013 Chrysler Town & Country

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