Double digit monthly declines for Chevrolet, Buick, Fiat; luxury marques beat the market.

Sales were in a downward trajectory for March with many brands seeing big declines in monthly year-over-year and year-to-date sales. Yet, the luxury brands seem to be much healthier versus last year.

Ford and Chrysler are lined up to do battle for the rest of the year, with the Blue Oval coming out on top this month over its Auburn Hills rival. FoMoCo sold 25,082 units this month versus Chrysler’s 24,173; the latter still holds the YTD crown with 58,018 sets of keys sold, besting Ford by only 451 units.

This month saw a year-over-year decline of 0.7% with volume brands being the biggest contributor. Suzuki (-51.4%), Fiat (-29.2%), Nissan (-12.9%), Chevrolet (-11.5%), and Kia (-11.3%) were the biggest monthly losers amongst the volume brands. Gains were found by Chrysler (+20.0%), Volkswagen (+16.2%), Ram (+12.8%), Subaru (+11.7%), and Dodge (+11.4%).

On the luxury side its a different story with almost all bucking the monthly trend. The top market beaters were Acura (+91.6%), Jaguar (+82.5%), Porsche (+33.5%), Land Rover (+26.6%), and Infiniti (+16.1%). Only Volvo (-37.5%), Buick (-36.2%), Lincoln (-9.9%), and Lexus (-5.2%) were below the monthly trend. Mercedes-Benz moved the most luxo metal for the month with 3,709 units sold and Jaguar with the least at 146 units.

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