October 10, 2007

Manitoba announces new highway interchange and grade separation projects near Portage La Prairie

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Representatives of the federal and provincial governments have announced a proposed strategic infrastructure that will include construction of an interchange of the TransCanada and Yellowhead highways and of a road/rail grade separation at the Canadian National Railway (CNR) main line, seven kilometres west of the City of Portage La Prairie. The project will be undertaken as part of the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.

As part of the project, the federal government will invest up to $21 million, through its Building Canada Plan for infrastructure. The proposed project is expected to cost approximately $50 million.

The project will incorporate two components: upgrading an at-grade, traffic signal-controlled intersection at the TransCanada and Yellowhead highways to a grade-separated interchange, and upgrading the at-grade crossing at the nearby CNR main line to a grade-separated facility.

The TransCanada and Yellowhead highways, with the CNR main line, are two of the three primary east-west transportation corridors across Canada, along with the Canadian Pacific Railway main line. These corridors are the main conduit for international trade traffic to and from Eastern Canada, Western Canada and the Asia-Pacific rim. The project will improve intermodal connectivity by facilitating truck and rail movements to rail container yards in Winnipeg and other intermodal facilities located in the region, as well as improved access to the border crossing with the U.S., to Eastern Canada markets, and to the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

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