Quebec City, Quebec – June marks the end of the school year and a time when thousands of students will be attending their high-school proms; CAA-Quebec is reminding everyone of the substantial risks of driving while impaired and the importance of planning ahead. The association suggests a designated driver, a taxi, or CAA-Quebec’s Drive-You-Home service.

“Driving while impaired may result in financial repercussions for years to come, a minimum one-year license suspension and a criminal record, not to mention more serious consequences such as injury and death,” said Sophie Gagnon, Senior Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec.

More than 66,000 drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 are members of CAA-Quebec, and have access to the Drive-You-Home service. All members who are temporarily incapacitated, for any reason, and unable to drive their vehicles are entitled to use the service free of charge once a year. CAA-Quebec will tow the vehicle and drive the member home, within a radius of 25 km from the point of departure.

“Too many young drivers are inexperienced, reckless and easily influenced when in a group,” Gagnon said. “As a result, some of them take great risks by overestimating their ability to drive before getting behind the wheel. However, if they have any doubts, using the Drive-You-Home service ensures that both they and their vehicle arrive home safe and sound. When young people are planning a night out, they should never hesitate to use the service, choose a designated driver, call a taxi or make sure a person they trust can pick them up.”

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