Oakville, Ontario – With New Year’s Eve celebrations imminent, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada is reminding party hosts of their moral and legal responsibilities if they plan on serving alcohol to guests.

“New Year’s is a promising time for new beginnings with your family and friends,” said MADD national president Margaret Miller. “We all want to ensure the safety of our loved ones, so if you are hosting a party or providing alcohol, think about your guests’ travel. Do you know how they will get home? Are you certain they are travelling safely? MADD Canada is encouraging all Canadians to get involved in the fight against impaired driving by being responsible hosts this New Year’s.”

Miller said that if it is your party or your alcohol, or the event is on your property, you may have legal responsibility for any injuries that occur. The number of alcohol-related civil suits has increased sharply, with claims brought against schools, universities, municipalities, service and sports clubs, social hosts, parents and employers. Miller said that twice as many impaired drivers come from the homes of friends than from licensed establishments.

MADD Canada reminds drivers that by calling #TAXI (#-8-2-9-4) on any cell phone, they will be connected almost anywhere in Canada with an available local taxi company.

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