Burnaby, British Columbia – Simple maintenance can prevent many heat-related automotive problems in summer temperatures, and the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is offering tips for motorists.

On the hottest days of summer, the number of calls to BCAA’s Road Assist service can jump from an average of 1,700 to 2,600 per day, most related to overheated engines or battery problems.

“Hot temperatures can turn a summer getaway into an unplanned detour and unwanted expense if your car is not ready for it,” said Allen Holmes, BCAA Approved Auto Repair Manager. “A simple mechanical inspection and safety check can save you from sweating it out at the roadside. This is especially important for recreational vehicles and trailers, which may have been sitting idle for long periods.”

BCAA suggests the following:

– Inspect your tires for tread depth and condition to accommodate heavier loads and extended summer driving conditions. Check your owner’s manual for the correct inflation pressure, especially when towing.

– Check fluid levels, including engine oil, brake, power steering, automatic transmission, coolant and windshield washer.

– Inspect your battery. Summer heat can be harmful if your battery is over five years old. Batteries should be tested and the terminals cleaned and serviced, and if the caps are removable, the fluid levels should be checked.

– Make sure the cooling systems are in good working order, and look for cracks or bulges in the radiator, cooling fans and hoses.

– Before taking a long road trip with an RV, test-drive it with a few shorter trips around town.

– For longer road trips, carry such items as windshield washer fluid, water and an emergency roadside kit.


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