July 19, 2006

Magna Electronics and Mobileye partner to develop automatic headlight controller and lane departure warning system

Toronto, Ontario – Magna Electronics, an operating unit of Magna International Inc., and Mobileye Vision Technologies have announced that they have partnered to develop advanced automotive driver assistance features. The companies have signed an agreement to develop and supply a combined automatic high beam/low beam headlamp controller and lane departure warning system integrated into a single-camera system.

Mobileye’s EyeQT vision image processor-on-a-chip will be combined with Magna Electronics’ advanced camera and automatic headlamp control software. This collaboration will capitalize upon both companies’ strengths in lane departure warning (LDW) and automatic headlamp control (AHC).

“Studies show that drivers use high beams less often than is appropriate, making nighttime driving hazardous,” says Professor Amnon Shashua, Mobileye Chairman and Chief Scientist. “What’s particularly startling is the fact that 55% of fatal accidents in the United States are due to unintended lane departures.”

The combined technologies will enhance day and night-time driving.

  • When driving at night, the system will automatically switch headlamps from high beams to low beams based on traffic conditions to improve night-time visibility.

  • The system will automatically provide audio or tactile alerts to warn against unintentional lane departures.
  • The automatic headlamp system and lane departure warning system will use the same camera and image processing system to analyze images and monitor road lane markings.

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