Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada has launched its 2008 Campaign 911, a public awareness appeal for the Canadian public to call 911 and report suspected impaired drivers. The organization is working in cooperation with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Police Association and Canadian Association of Police Boards, as well as police and community leaders from across the country.

“Calling 911 is an effective way Canadians can help the police in getting impaired drivers off the road before any harm is done,” said Margaret Miller, MADD Canada national president. “We urge Canadians to take the important step of making that call. By removing more impaired drivers from the road, we will see reductions in impaired driving crashes, deaths and injuries.”

More than 100 local MADD Canada Chapters across the country will be part of the Campaign 911 effort, erecting signs, bus shelter posts and billboards, and spreading the message at public events and with public service announcements. Information is also available at MADD.ca.

“The safety of motorists is a key consideration,” Miller said. “Please pull over to use your cell phone and do not try to apprehend suspected impaired drivers yourself. Please keep your safety in mind when making the 911 call.”

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