Winnipeg, Manitoba – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada will begin a tour of Manitoba high schools this month with a multi-media program that highlights the dangers of drinking and driving.

The program, Dead On Arrival, is a bold dramatization of a fatal crash due to impaired driving. With sponsorship from Manitoba Public Insurance, MADD Canada plans to deliver the program to approximately 65,000 students across the province.

“It is crucial that young people hear the message and understand what is at stake when someone drives while impaired,” said Andrew Murie, MADD Canada CEO. “Traffic crashes are the number-one cause of youth fatalities in this country. One in three people who die on Canada’s roads due to alcohol-related crashes are under the age of 25. These crashes are 100 per cent preventable. That’s what we want young people to take away from our presentation. They have the power to save lives by making the right choices.”

Manitoba Public Insurance has supported the delivery of MADD Canada’s high school multi-media assembly program in the province since 2002. This year, it is sponsoring 60 shows directly, and helping to present all other shows throughout Manitoba. It is estimated that someone in Manitoba is killed or injured in an alcohol-related crash every 10 days on average.

“Young people in small or remote towns have different challenges than youth in urban areas, because they do not have the same options with public transit or taking a cab,” Murie said. “With the support of Manitoba Public Insurance, we can reach youth in these communities to provide them with the facts and information to make the right choices.”

For information on the program or to book a show, visit MADD.

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