September 25, 2006

MADD Canada to deliver its message door-to-door

Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada has announced that its newest campaign will involve door-to-door volunteer canvassers in cities across Canada. The campaign launches this week and will run to October 20th.

Current plans will include Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, and Toronto, Hamilton, London and the Niagara Region in Ontario. The campaign will deliver information on MADD Canada’s programs and services, facts on alcohol- and drug-impaired driving, and seek support for the MADD Canada mission.

“Our volunteers and our community activism are what make MADD Canada so effective and so successful in fighting for safer roads,” says Karen Dunham, MADD Canada National President. “With faces of MADD at every door, we’ll inch closer to realizing our goals of stopping impaired driving, and of supporting the thousands upon thousands of victims of this senseless crime.”

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