September 20, 2006

MADD Canada supports Ottawa Bill 9 to eliminate conditional sentences for violent crime

Ottawa, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has vocally supported Bill 9, the federal government’s legislation to eliminate conditional sentences for violent crimes. MADD Canada is urging Parliamentarians not to “play politics”, but to act expeditiously and pass the bill.

“We strongly believe that a sentence should reflect the severity of the crime,” says MADD Canada president Karen Dunham. “In the case of violent crimes, where a person has been killed or seriously injured, conditional sentences such as house arrests and community service are totally inadequate. When a person drinks, drives and kills or seriously injures, that person should have to do jail time. In today’s judicial system, not enough is said about the value and respect of a human life. For victims and their families, the use of conditional sentencing for violent crimes is an insulting example of how our system is tilted towards consideration for the convicted. Our courts have to catch up to the public’s sense of justice and what is both fair and effective sentencing.”

In a public opinion survey conducted in May 2006 for MADD Canada, a total of 89 per cent of respondents believe that those who drink, drive and kill another person as the result of an impaired driving crash should receive jail time. The support was high throughout the country, with both males and females, and in every age bracket.

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