October 22, 2007

MADD Canada supports federal government’s Violent Crime Bill

Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada has announced it is supportive of federal Justice Minister Robert Nicholson’s swift introduction of violent crime legislation. Margaret Miller, MADD National President, is urging Members of Parliament to pass the impaired driving measures in a “quick and responsible manner”.

“We want to see the new impaired driving laws enacted in Canada in the months ahead,” Miller says. “These particular impaired driving measures are overdue, and the legislation is a carbon copy of the previously-amended Bill C-32, which had the MPs’ review in the Justice Committee in June.”

Miller says that there are many positive elements found in the impaired driving amendments of the Criminal Code. “The legislation introduces a legal framework for apprehending and charging drivers high on drugs,” she says. “It provides needed authority for police to properly lay charges at crash scenes where there has been a fatality. It also closes legal loopholes that are allowing impaired drivers to escape criminal convictions and walk.”

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