August 3, 2006

MADD Canada offers tips for a safe and sober long weekend

Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) is urging Canadians to have a safe and sober holiday long weekend on roads and waterways. The association offers the following tips:

  • Plan ahead, be sure you know how you are getting home, and arrange your designated driver or your ride.
  • Arrange for alternative transportation when drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
  • Avoid drinking and driving when on the roads, off-road trails or waterways. Always be sure the driver of whatever kind of vehicle it may be is sober.
  • Talk your friends and family members from getting into a vehicle with an impaired driver.
  • Be an example. Make a personal pledge to always drive sober; be a good friend and always warn against impaired driving situations; be a good host by providing alternatives to alcoholic drinks, and offer your guests safe travel home or a place to stay for those who have had too much.

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