September 11, 2006

MADD Canada and GM take new show to high schools across the country

Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) has announced a new big-screen, multi-media assembly show, called Mind Control, which will go on a cross-country tour of high schools, sponsored by MADD and General Motors of Canada. The production will be viewed by as many as 600,000 students in the next eight months.

MADD reports that one in every eight deaths and injuries in road crashes is a teenager, and two out of every five teenagers killed on the road have been drinking. Male drivers account for 87 per cent of teen impaired driving deaths and 89 per cent of injuries, while females are more likely to be killed or injured as passengers. Road crashes are the number-one cause of death of youth age 15 to 19 in Canada.

“We want to impact these trends and reduce the number of young drivers who are involved in impaired driving incidents,” says Karen Dunham, MADD Canada’s National President. “The prime objective for MADD Canada and General Motors is to take our important impaired driving message directly into high schools and present our case through moving and powerful multi-media assembly shows. Mind Control brings the tragic reality of impaired driving to the big screen, speaking to young people in their own language, and with music and video clips that reinforce a positive, responsible message about good driving behaviour.”

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