June 7, 2007

Maaco announces dramatic cuts to smog-causing emissions

Milton, Ontario – Collision repair and auto painting company Maaco Systems Canada has announced it is switching to new environmentally-friendly methods and materials that will cut its pollution emissions by 64 per cent. The company says it will make the change two years ahead of the Government of Canada’s deadline.

“We’re very aware of the impact that paints, solvents and other chemicals used in the painting process can have on the environment,” says Gary Dohring, President of Maaco Systems Canada Inc. “That’s why we’re not waiting another two years to do what must be done. We’re doing it today. We’re changing our practices now to reduce air pollution and help protect and preserve the environment for generations to come.”

The government’s current proposal requiring the auto repair industry to reduce its annual volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 40 per cent will come into force in the beginning of January 2009. Maaco, which has 36 franchised body shops across Canada, will cut its VOC emissions by an additional 24 per cent above the government regulation.

VOCs are compounds containing at least one carbon atom, excluding carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. When released into the atmosphere, VOCs can participate in atmosphere photochemical reactions, leading to the formation of ground-level ozone and particulate matter, the main ingredients of smog. Major VOC emission sources are the organic solvents used in many consumer and commercial products, such as exterior house paint, anti-perspirants, commercial printing inks, automotive exhaust, and industrial processes such as chemical manufacturing.

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