October 30, 2002

List of most fuel-efficient vehicles released

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department released a list of the most fuel-efficient 2003 vehicles in each vehicle class yesterday. All fuel economy figures are in U.S. miles per gallon.

Subcompact cars: Volkswagen New Beetle Diesel, 42/49 mpg; (manual transmission)

Compact cars: Toyota Prius – 52/45 mpg; (hybrid electric, auto transmission); Honda Civic – 46/51 mpg (hybrid, manual transmission)

Midsize Cars: Honda Accord – 26/34 mpg; (manual transmission)

Large Cars: Chevrolet Impala – 21/32 mpg;(automatic transmission)

Mini-vans: Chrysler Voyager – 21/27 mpg; (automatic transmission); Dodge Caravan – 21/27 mpg; (automatic transmission)

Passenger Vans: Chevrolet Astro – 16/20 mpg; (automatic transmission); GMC Safari – 16/20 mpg; (automatic transmission)

Sport Utility Vehicle: Toyota Rav4 – 24/29 mpg; (automatic transmission)

Small Pick-Up Trucks: Chevrolet S10 – 22/28 mpg; (manual transmission)
GMC Sonoma – 22/28 mpg; (manual transmission)

Standard Pick-Up Trucks: Ford Ranger – 24/29 mpg; (manual transmission); Mazda B2300 (manual transmission) – 24/29 mpg; (manual transmission)

A complete list of the U.S. government’s fuel-efficiency ratings can be found at www.fueleconomy.gov.

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