First Lincoln stores open in China with inviting designs

In North America, Lincolns are typically sold in Ford stores, with brochures for the Blue Oval’s luxury models placed toward the back of the showroom close to the service counter. But, in China, “The Lincoln Way” is the new dealer experience Lincoln wants to project.

Shown in the photos below, Lincoln Motor Company will have dedicated stores in China that provide “a unique new luxury automotive ownership experience.” The automaker, which just recently re-entered the Chinese market, has opened three stores in the country and will open a total of eight before the end of the year.

“The launch of The Lincoln Way and our first Lincoln stores in China marks an important milestone for Lincoln’s reinvention as a global luxury automotive brand,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln.

“The Lincoln Way demonstrates how a storied brand with a nearly 100-year history is innovating for our Chinese customers while staying true to our roots of personal service. Our Lincoln customers will not only get the very best when it comes to product, but also when it comes to the entire ownership experience.”

According to the release, “The Lincoln Way was developed over three years and is based on research across luxury retailing experiences from different sectors, including hospitality,” catering to younger buyers who value individuality. It also includes the following personnel and areas:

The Host tailors the customer’s experience and maintains the customer relationship throughout the ownership process. If more detailed information is desired, the Host introduces the customer to the Master.

The Master serves as the customer’s trusted resource during the sales process, providing information, advice and recommendations based on the customer’s needs. The sequence of information and level of detail is tailored to the guest’s needs and interests.

The Craftsman serves as the customer’s personal contact for service and maintenance. He maintains a full record of the vehicle and thoroughly explains any maintenance process. If requested, used parts are returned, packaged in a Lincoln box and tagged with a label, extraction date and the name of a service technician.

Personalization Studio: In every Lincoln store, the high-tech Personalization Studio features a 46-inch interactive LCD touch screen that projects a near life-size image of the vehicle. This allows customers, through controls on a nearby table, to visually explore the entire array of models, colors and features and configure the desired vehicle both inside and out before making a selection.

Personalized test-drive routes: Lincoln guests are able to make test-drive appointments of a specific model and available powertrain online or at any Lincoln dealership. Test-drive routes also are tailored to each guest’s personal needs.

Transparent maintenance and repair process: The Lincoln Way subverts the traditional vehicle-maintenance model, which customers in China distrust Lincoln customers have complete transparency throughout the process, including write-up, diagnosis and parts change. Customers also can watch their vehicles serviced real time, from the comfort of the Lincoln dealership Star Lounge, through the E-Console linked to cameras positioned in the service bays. In addition, every Lincoln store in China offers extended service hours and provides Lincoln loaner vehicles for repairs taking more than two hours.

Lincoln Automotive Financial Services
Financing also is an important part of the Lincoln luxury experience in China. Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, a financing organization dedicated to serving Lincoln customers and dealers in China, launched on Oct. 23 and supports Lincoln dealers and customers by providing competitive financing products and exceptional service.

Beijing-Furui-Lincoln-Store-Opening-Ceremony Heritage-Wall-in-China-Store Kumar-Galhotra-Lincoln-Beijing Lincoln-MKC-on-display-in-Lincoln-China-Store Lincoln-MKZ-on-display-in-Lincoln-Store-in-China Lincoln-Opens-First-Stores-in-China Lincoln-Store-Environment-relaxed-and-welcoming Lincoln-Store-environment Lincoln-Way-Experience Personalization-Studio Shanghai-Yongda-Lincoln-Store-Opening-Ceremony Shanghai-Yongda-Lincoln-Store Tea-House Vehicle-display-in-Lincoln-Store-in-China

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