March 3, 2005

Light vehicle sales up for February

Toronto, Ontario – Light vehicle sales were up 11.2 per cent to 102,654 in February 2004, compared to February of 2003 when sales were 92,336, reports DesRosiers Automotive Reports. “This is a solid increase even for a traditionally smaller month like February,” Dennis DesRosiers says. But he cautions that “fleet sales led the increase at some of the OEMs and we never know just how generous the deals were with fleets, so we have a hard time determining whether these levels are sustainable.”

So far, sales for year to date are up 3.9 per cent to 181,833, compared to this time last year, with 175,064 units.

The big winners were Hyundai, up 35.1 per cent, and Kia, up 24.0 per cent. DesRosiers attributes this is Hyundai’s introduction of its compact SUV Tucson, and strong growth in entry-level products overall. General Motors rose 21.5 per cent, while DaimlerChrysler rose 24.6, mostly due to sales of its Chrysler 300C and Magnum.

Overall, passenger car sales were up 9.8 per cent and light trucks 12.5 per cent. The breakdown by percentage over, under or unchanged from February, 2003 was:

Acura -14.5
Audi -29.1
BMW/Mini +17.5
DaimlerChrysler +24.6
Ford 0 (no change)
General Motors +21.4
Honda +15.4
Hyundai +35.1
Infiniti -15.9
Jaguar -41.2
Kia +24.0
Land Rover +21.5
Lexus -2.4
Mazda -5.1
Mercedes-Benz/Smart -4.1
Mitsubishi +9.1
Nissan +0.6
Porsche +13.6
Saab +44.6
Subaru +2.7
Suzuki -14.1
Toyota -5.5
Volkswagen +17.0
Volvo +2.4

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