May 3, 2002

Lifesize MINI carved from ice

Whitby, Ontario – Iceculture Inc., a Canadian ice carving company, used 40 blocks of ice weighing six tons to create a lifesize MINI Cooper sculpture. The sculpture took a five person team over 40 hours to create and was built in Hensall, Ontario at Iceculture’s freezer studio.

“As much detail as possible was incorporated into the sculpture – from the steering wheel to the door handles and mirrors, and right down to the figures on the speedometer and the treads on the tires,” explained Heidi Bayley, General Manager of Iceculture Inc. “March is a time when we try out new designs, experiment with new tools and techniques and generally hone our skills, and the Mini presented a truly unique challenge.”

Iceculture Inc., a family run company established in 1988, is the world’s largest producer of crystal clear ice blocks which are used exclusively for ice sculptures. Iceculture exports ice, sculptures and carving equipment to the USA, Canada, Britain, Holland, Germany and Israel. For more information, visit

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