Toronto, Ontario – Lexus has revealed the IS retractable hardtop convertible at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. The IS 250C and IS 350C will be coming to Canada in the late spring of 2009.

Featuring a three-panel roof that opens in 21 seconds, the new convertibles use the hood, headlamps, door handles and mirrors of the IS sedans, but with all other body panels designed to blend seamlessly into the new aluminum folding roof. Powered by the same drivetrains as the IS sedans, the IS 250C uses a 2.5-litre V6, while the IS 350C uses a 3.5-litre V6. Revisions to the body structure and suspension provide torsional stiffness and ride comfort on par with the IS sedan even with the top down.

The three-panel roof structure is constructed completely of lightweight aluminum. Unlike many retractable mechanisms that increase in speed due to the weight of the roof, a unique roof-brake mechanism slows the closing panels as they approach the windshield area, ensuring easy retraction just before closure.

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