March 2, 2006

Lexus shows advanced safety technologies at Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland – Lexus has unveiled advanced safety technologies for the new LS, including the world’s first rear pre-crash safety system, at the Geneva Auto Show.

The technologies include enhanced pre-crash safety system, with stereo cameras and improvements to radar which enable the system to detect pedestrians, and to warn the driver or apply the brakes when it determines the possibility of a collision is high; the rear pre-crash system, which uses a radar device in the rear bumper to scan the distance of a vehicle approaching from behind and, if necessary, automatically activate the front seat pre-crash headrests, which move forward and upward; pre-crash safety system with driving monitoring system, which warns the driver or applies the brakes if it determines the driver is not looking ahead when the possibility of a collision is high; twin-chamber and knee airbags; and a lane-keeping assist system.

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