July 1, 2003

Lexus.com redesigned

Torrance, California – Lexus in the U.S.A. has introduced a newly redesigned web site featuring more user-friendly navigation and moving images.

With the majority of Lexus owners using the Internet for research prior to their car purchase, Lexus.com — which attracts as many as two million visitors each month — plays an increasingly integral role in the car buying process, said Mike Wells, Lexus vice president of marketing.

“Car manufacturers’ Web sites are the primary source of information for new car buyers, but we wanted to go beyond that,” Wells said. “We wanted to provide a unique experience that would engage consumers and create an emotional connection to the cars.”

To determine how they could best enhance visitors’ online experience, Lexus conducted extensive usability research. “What we learned,” said Wells, “is that consumers want more than just information. They’re looking for a dynamic, multi-dimensional experience; they want to be impressed and excited by what they see.”

The new site features original photographic animation of each Lexus model in a setting that reflects the “personality” and luxury of each vehicle. For example, the Lexus GX mid-size luxury utility vehicle is set in mountainous terrain with a backdrop of waterfalls and a river. Using flash animation technology, the settings for each vehicle feature subtle hints of motion, such as clouds moving across the sky, leaves falling from a tree or mist rising from the base of a waterfall.

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