Irvine, California – A California court has awarded US$525,000 in a decision against high-performance vehicle manufacturer Saleen Inc. It is one of the state’s largest “lemon law” awards since the consumer protection act was passed in 1970.

The case, Dan Echino v. Saleen Incorporated, concerned designs and manufacturing defects of a 2005 twin-turbo Saleen S7, which the court determined made the rare sports car undriveable.

“Consumers have the right to expect that the items they purchase will be free from defects or will be fixed by the manufacturer, no matter if it is a television or the family car,” said Gary Berkovich, attorney for the plaintiff. “This right and expectation becomes monumentally more important when you take into consideration that defects could be life-threatening if they occur in your vehicle.”

Saleen is a specialty car manufacturer that produces its own vehicles, as well as custom parts for many Ford products.

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