June 8, 2006

Lemon-Aid author pans diesel and ethanol

Toronto, Ontario – Lemon-Aid author Phil Edmonston says soaring fuel costs will likely hit $1.50 a litre by next year and neither diesel engines, nor ethanol fuel represent viable alternatives.

“Diesel fuel is almost as expensive as gasoline and the new 2007 diesel engines and reformulated fuel will mean major maintenance costs and reliability headaches for Canadian drivers. As for ethanol, it will take at least 15 years and cost billions of dollars to reach a distribution level where it is reasonably accessible. Forget other projected ethanol savings. Think of the unleaded fuel unkept promises.”

Edmonston says fuel-frugal Canadians can save more in fuel and ownership costs by keeping their present medium-sized vehicles, buying used, switching to fuel-efficient Asian ‘micro-cars’, and holding onto their vehicles eight years or longer.

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