June 8, 2006

Lemon-Aid author offers free car clinic this Saturday

Toronto, Ontario – Lemon-Aid author Phil Edmonston, and garage owner/mechanic/broadcaster Alan Gelman from CFRB Radio are having their annual GTA Free Car Clinic from 9 am. to 4 pm. on Saturday, June 10, 2006 at:

AML Auto Service; 126 Laird Drive
Toronto, Ontario (5 blocks south of Eglinton)
Tel. 416-423-6209; 416-651-0555

Drivers are invited to come with their cars and questions. On-site mechanics and consumer experts will make some quick diagnoses and might take your car for a free road test; other experts will show what a defective engine intake manifold gasket looks like; give your vehicle an honest trade-in appraisal, and list which cars or trucks are the best or worst replacement buys. Free hats and T-shirts will also be distributed.

Author Phil Edmonston will advise consumers whether they should buy, sell, or hold the car you now drive and which “secret warranties” will allow for free repairs.

Consumer lawyer Jeff Gray will offer legal advice and from 1-2 pm. that afternoon, class action lawyers from Stevensons LLP www.classproceedings.ca will have an update on their recent $1.2 billion lawsuit against GM Canada for defective engine intake manifold gaskets on over 400,000 1996 through 2003 models. Plaintiffs will be available for interviews. For more info: Sylvia Lesak at Fitzhenry and Whiteside at: 905-477-9700 x.212; slesak@fitzhenry.ca

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