December 15, 2006

Lear introduces SoyFoam Technology for automotive seating applications

Southfield, Michigan – Automotive interior supplier Lear Corporation has announced it has developed SoyFoam, a soybean oil-based flexible foam material for automotive interior applications. The new foam has a lower environmental impact in production, it is up to 24 per cent renewable as opposed to petroleum-based foam, it reduces dependency on volatile energy markets, and it offers the potential for reducing foam costs.

Ford was the first automotive manufacturer to express an interest in soy foam for automotive application; a partnership was formed between Ford and Lear for the purpose of commercializing SoyFoam applications, with initial work concentrated on headrest and armrest components. Lear is also collaborating with the United Soybean Board, Urethane Soy Systems Company, Bayer Corporation and Renosol Corporation on the development of SoyFoam.

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