BMW’s top sedan is shown, front and back

The yet unreleased 2016 BMW 7-Series has been shown on Facebook thanks to a Swiss BMW fanclub Facebook page. The photos are limited but give us a fairly good idea of what to expect when the 7-Series debuts later this year.

The new model, while looking more like an evolution of the current design, is expected to sit on the new “35up” platform utilizing a significant amount of lightweight materials. Short wheelbase models will likely get the G11 chassis code while long wheelbase models will be called G12.

Up front, the same laser headlight technology from the BMW i8 is used, while the car is rumoured to get a “Sky Lounge” panoramic glass roof.

Another rumour states the 7-Series may get a leather-wrapped engine cover. This seems far fetched but the Germans are known for doing some quirky things from time to time to differentiate themselves from their brethren.

Gallery: 2016 BMW 7-Series Leaked Shots

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