Surprisingly, the microcars look a bit angry!

You have to say Daimler has done a great job keeping the final design of the Smart ForTwo and ForFour under wraps. But, on the day of its official reveal, images of the new microcars have been leaked to the internet.

Smarts of the past have generally been regarded as very passive in the design department. This new generation of cars plans to change that.

While no availability information has been announced for Canada, expect at least the ForTwo to come to our shores.

More official information will be available later today.

2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_1 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_2 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_3 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_4 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_5 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_6 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_7 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_8 2015-Smart-ForTwo-ForFour_9

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