Toronto, Ontario – 2010 was a strong year for Latin American auto dealers who buy vehicles from North American exporters, selling models that are not otherwise available in their markets.

Vehicle dealers buy inventory from North American exporters primarily because they are able to sell vehicles that their competitors do not have in inventory.

“Buying North American models is one way to stand out in the market for local dealers,” said Brian Osler, president and CEO of the North American Automobile Trade Association. “Dealers in other countries who put North American models in their showrooms are able to attract customers with exciting vehicles that no one else is the market is selling. It is a real competitive advantage.”

Importing from North America is a long-established practice in most world markets, and vehicles built to Canadian or American safety standards in North America are exported to every continent by companies that specialize in export sales.

“North American models tend to be highly profitable for overseas dealers who import because no one else sells these models in local markets,” Osler said. “Because they generate so much interest, the vehicles typically sell locally at a premium. Dealers always like to sell unique models that bring in customers.”

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