September 20, 2005

Lane departure warning system wins awards

Frankfurt, Germany – Valeo’s Lane Departure Warning System, LaneVue, which was first introduced on two new Infiniti models, has won several awards including the Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contributions to Excellence, or PACE Award 2005 in the Product Innovations category; the Automechanika Innovation Award 2004 in the systems modules category; and a Nissan Global Innovation Award 2005.

“It is an honour to have Valeo’s Lane Departure Warning System recognized as one of the most innovative products of the year”, said Thierry Morin, Valeo Chairman and CEO. “Valeo’s lane departure technology is a key system for protecting drivers and passengers from the many hazards on today’s roads. The latest figures show that over 40% of accidents in the United States occur during lane changes.”

The LaneVue system developed with Iteris technology consists of a miniature video sensor that uses complex proprietary software algorithms to continuously monitor the lane markings in front of the vehicle. During unintentional lane departures – detected when the driver fails to signal – the driver is warned to take immediate corrective action.

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