July 5, 2002

Land Rover retailers report record-breaking demand for new Range Rover

Irvine, CA/Bramalea, ON – The new Range Rover, which went on sale June 1, is proving to be a hit with consumers. The 2003 Range Rover rolled over the previous one month Range Rover sales record by 150 percent. U.S. Land Rover retailers delivered 1223 Range Rovers in June, eclipsing the previous one-month record of 1010 set in 1989.

In Canada, Land Rover sold 240 vehicles in the month of June, up 269 per cent. The New Range Rover lead the organization in sales for June by posting a 630 per cent increase from the same period last year, contributing to Land Rover’s best month on record.

“We had a strong order bank at launch based on very positive press coverage and strong word of mouth out of private showings and auto shows,” said Richard Beattie, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing for Jaguar and Land Rover, “The interest has steadily grown now that more people have seen and driven it. We knew we had a winner but reaction has been amazing.”

Developed at a cost of more than $1 billion, the new Range Rover has a 32 valve, 282hp V8 engine, height adjustable air suspension and independent suspension that give it the ride and handling of a luxury sedan along with the off-road capability for which Land Rover vehicles are known. Its interior has been cited for its beauty and innovative design, which takes its cues from classic wooden speedboats and high-tech sailing yachts.

More information is available at www.landrover.com.

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