July 25, 2002

Land Rover launches new ‘Fragile Earth’ policy

Gaydon, Warwickshire – Land Rover has published a new Fragile Earth policy, aimed at all drivers who venture off-road. The policy outlines the company’s commitment to the environment and details key Land Rover environmental practices and technologies.

Fragile Earth also includes the company’s Off-Road Code, commensurate with the company’s “Drive Responsibly Off-Road” ethos, which encourages careful driving and the preservation of the environment for future generations. Guidelines include:

  • Animals come first! All animals can be startled by a 4×4 vehicle, so be prepared either to proceed very slowly or to switch off your engine
  • ‘As slow as possible, as fast as necessary’ – this will get you through most off-road driving obstacles and minimise environmental impact
  • Make sure your vehicle is fully prepared for the journey; take the appropriate tools and supplies. Ensure that your vehicle does not have any leaks, for example fuel or oil.
  • Be mindful of your actions, even when you’re not driving; use eco-friendly cleaning material; wash vehicles away from water courses and not in them; take all litter back home with you

Land Rover’s managing director, Bob Dover, said: ‘This affirms Land Rover’s continuing commitment to the environment. We want Land Rover owners to be able to “go anywhere” in their vehicles, but we want them to do it responsibly and in a sustainable manner. The Fragile Earth policy gives important guidelines that should help all owners treat the environment more kindly.’

The policy also announces Land Rover’s collaboration with four carefully selected global environmental sponsorship partners, whose activities reflect perfectly the values of Fragile Earth. The partners are the Born Free Foundation, the Royal Geographic Society, Biosphere Expeditions and China Exploration and Research Society. More details about Land Rover’s relationship with these organizations will be announced at a later date.

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