February 17, 2003

Land Rover Canada supports endangered Amur Leopard

Toronto, Ontario – Land Rover Canada will commit a total of $30,000 plus the use of a Land Rover Discovery over three years to its sponsorship of the Endangered Species Foundation of Canada (ESFC) and its recovery programs dedicated to saving the Amur Leopard from the brink of extinction.

“Our involvement with the Foundation’s recovery program and quest to save endangered species reaffirms Land Rover’s commitment to our ‘Fragile Earth’ and ‘Tread Lightly’ environmental ethos,” said Jacques Parent, Vice President of Marketing for Aston Martin Jaguar and Land Rover. “We take the utmost care not to impact any of the environments our vehicles will travel
through as well as to improve and support our Earth’s needs, and are committed to helping ESFC grow in leaps and bounds.”

Recovery programs in Canada and around the world have succeeded in saving species from extinction. However, with some species becoming extinct every 17 minutes, there are those that have disappeared into the darkness of ignorance and can never be recovered again.

“With as few as 40 leopards estimated to survive the wild, Land Rover enthusiasts have been supporting the ESFC in its effort to save the Amur Leopard since 1998,” says Peter Klose, Executive Director for the ESFC. “One of the Amur Leopards’ biggest threats is that few people in the world know they exist. Land Rover’s involvement has been paramount in helping us raise
awareness of this critically endangered species and attract the financial support these animals need!”

With the support of Land Rover, the ESFC sponsors a closely monitored captive breeding program for the Amur Leopard at Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park, perhaps the only insurance for their overall survival. Financial aid is also directed towards other programs as an anti-poaching team and camera-trap census project to protect those few still living in their native environment.

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