August 10, 2004

L.A. Car magazine says VW Phaeton has best sound system

Auburn Hills, Michigan – L.A. Car magazine has selected the Volkswagen Phaeton’s premium audio system as the best new factory-installed car sound system, beating out the Mark Levinson audio system available on top Lexus models, and the new Acura-ELS DVD audio system.

L.A. Car describes it as “the best-sounding factory audio system on the planet,” and says, “the sounds from top to bottom are immaculately free from distortion and presented with staggering three-dimensionality.”

The audio system, available as on option on the Phaeton, delivers a 270 watt sound system with 12 speakers, 12 channel amplifier, sub woofer, Digital Sound Processing (DSP) with 7 adjustable simulated modes, dynamic sound compression, AM/FM, and glove box mounted 6-disc CD changer.

The audio systems were tested by Roy Nakano, Executive Editor of L.A. Car. L.A. Car features information and analysis on car design, performance, laws, history and culture. Nakano has served as the Editor of LA Audio File for 10 years, and has also been serving as an equipment reviewer for the New York-based audiophile publication, The Sensible Sound, for the past 17 years.

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