Due to constrained capacity and high demand for the Kia Soul, a turbo variant or Track’ster version of the Soul are unlikely.

When Kia finally rolls out the new 2014 Soul, demand is expected to grow higher than the current model. And because of that demand, and Kia’s limited capacity to build more, special versions of the two-box compact are unlikely, even though they are technically possible.

The Track’ster concept, which debuted at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show, was an exercise in foreshadowing for the 2014 Soul. But, the 250hp AWD drivetrain is what really stirred our emotions. Response to the concept was favourable, to put it mildly, and execs for the Korean automaker would love to put it into production.

Also, a turbo version of the Soul is also something those within the company would love to see come to fruition. With the availability of the recently introduced 1.6L turbo from the 2014 Forte SX available for shoehorning into the Soul, this is more likely. But, due to the price premium of adding the engine, and the fact there is a turbo Sportage available, it’s unlikely to get the green light.

[Source: Autoblog]

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