Mississauga, Ontario – Kia Canada has announced an all-new vehicle return program, the Kia Integrity Advantage, to help buyers through uncertain economic times. The program uses key components pioneered by Walkaway Canada Incorporated, and is underwritten by Echelon General Insurance Company.

“This program will inevitably strike a strong chord with our customers in these uncertain times, and we’re excited to have the pioneers of this program supporting our dealers,” said Maria Soklis, senior director of operations at Kia Canada.

The program is offered at no charge to all customers financing or leasing a new Kia vehicle from an authorized dealer. It allows customers to return a financed or leased vehicle within the first year of ownership in the event of certain unforeseen circumstances, including involuntary job loss, physical disability, critical illness, bankruptcy of self-employment, an international job transfer, or a loss of driver’s license due to illness or impairment that prevents driving.

The program will cancel up to $7,500 in vehicle-related debt, specifically the difference owed between the financial institution and the depreciated value of the car. Full details are available at dealers or at KiaCanada.

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