Seoul, South Korea – Kia has introduced the Kia Ray EV (Electric Vehicle), Korea’s first electric vehicle.

Built exclusively for the Korean market, the Ray EV has a range of up to 139 kilometres on a charge and a top speed of 130 km/h. It is a close relative of the Ray CUV, which uses a 1.0-litre gasoline engine and went on sale in Korea last month. It shares the Ray’s major dimensions and, in a global first for an EV manufacturer, can share a production line with conventional combustion-engine cars.

The Ray uses a 50 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack that is engineered for a ten-year life cycle, packaged under the rear seat and cabin floor.

Kia plans to build 2,500 vehicles during 2012, which will be provided to government departments and public offices as part of a long-term, real-world research and development program.

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