Vancouver, British Columbia – Parents can help their graduating teenagers celebrate safely by making sure they plan ahead and make smart decisions, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) says.

Since this spring, eight ICBC road safety speakers have toured the province, speaking to more than 52,000 students in 183 high schools about the importance of making smart driving decisions. ICBC offers the following tips to parents:

Know their plan. Ensure there is a designated driver for the evening. Many grads treat themselves to a limousine ride but will need options if they are going to other celebrations or if the limousine isn’t scheduled to drive them home.

Have a “Plan B.” Talk to them about the importance of expecting the unexpected and make sure they know how to identify alternate options for getting home.

Make it unconditional. Consider letting your child know that he or she has the unconditional option of calling you at any time if a ride is needed. If they do call, be supportive and consider saving your questions for the next day or at least until you’re home. If you can’t pick them up yourself, have them return safely home by taxi.

Power of choice. Talk with your teen about driving behaviours and the power of making smart driving decisions. If your teen is the designated driver, talk about not letting passengers or peer pressure influence their driving behaviours.

Power of influence. Smart driving decisions by one teen can have a significant influence on friends. Parents should also set an example every day with their own driving behaviours.

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