Toronto, Ontario – Drivers as young as 12 years old can now learn about driving at kartSTART, an innovative go-kart program held by Russ Bond Agency (RBA) and supported by Toyota Canada. The program is held near Barrie, Ontario.

RBA’s kartSTART is a one-day driving course aimed at the entire family. Children as young as 12 are given their first driving experience behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle that fits them and is conducted within a safe, controlled program.

“Karts are ideal for kids to get their first driving experience,” said Mike Goodyear, chief instructor for the program. “We take the kids through the same ASN Canada FIA-approved initial training program that we have put hundreds of kids through in our youth-oriented program, the Canadian Karting League.

“Driving is basically a two-part operation. The first part is learning about how a car acts when you turn, when you brake and when you accelerate. At kartSTART we teach kids the physics of how a car works and reacts to your inputs. We want them to learn to control a motorized vehicle, and that is easier to do in a kart that is their size instead of a full-sized car.”

For more information, visit kartSTART.

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