July 9, 2007

June employment statistics present the “most troubling picture yet”, says CAW


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Toronto, Ontario – National employment statistics for June present the most troubling picture yet for the Canadian manufacturing sector, says the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW). “Canada lost 31,000 good-paying, stable manufacturing jobs in one month alone,” says CAW president Buzz Hargrove. “This should be setting off alarm bells on Parliament Hill.”

The CAW says that in the last 12 months, Canada has lost an estimated 103,000 manufacturing jobs. While employment in other areas may be on the rise, new jobs are primarily found in the retail and wholesale sectors, which the union says are “beset with low wages and few benefits”.

“For young people finishing school, today’s economy offers them little opportunity to work in dynamic industries which would secure them a decent future,” Hargrove says. “It’s time the federal government stops putting Canadians out of work and comprising the future of our youth with a high dollar and unbalanced trade.” The union says that in the last five years, young workers under the age of 24 have lost more manufacturing jobs than any other age group, declining by almost 20 per cent between 2002 and 2006.

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