Nissan sees greatest monthly gains while Subaru enjoys an impressive 20.2% year-to-date increase.

Canadians just can’t seem to get enough trucks this year and it’s playing well to the benefit of the domestics.

Chrysler Group has risen to the top spot in monthly sales in Canada, thanks largely to sales of Ram branded trucks. The group sold 26,209 units this month, 8,165 of which had a bighorn sheep gracing the grille. However, Ford saw a year-over-year decline on their trucks, allowing Chrysler to inherit the top spot for the month. Ford still holds the crown for most units moved so far this year at 171,798.

Hyundai-Kia moved more units than General Motors and Toyota in the month of July with 21,229 sales versus GM’s 19,164 and Toyota’s 17,734 units sold.

Amongst the volume brands1, Nissan (60.4%), Honda (40.1%), and Subaru (37.6%) saw the highest percentage of year-over-year gains; Suzuki (-33.1%), Scion (-16.8%), and Chrysler (-14.5%) saw their months slip the most versus last year. Year-to-date, Subaru (20.2%), Ram (16.9%), and Mitsubishi (9.6%) are the winners; Suzuki (-33.9%), Scion (-7.4%), and Kia (-5.8%) are on the red side of the table.

The luxury segment is becoming quite interesting as new Jaguar product is pushing interest in the British marque. Jaguar (125%), Cadillac (60.3%), and Lexus (30.6%) saw the greatest year-over-year gains by percentage. Lincoln (-19.3%) and Volvo (-17.5%) were the only real losers in the luxury segment for July. On the year-to-date chart, Jaguar (78.8%), Cadillac (33.4%), and Porsche (25.0%) are gaining the most by percentage this year and they happen to be at the top of the charts overall. Again, Volvo (-24.8%) and Lincoln (-17.7%) are the only luxury losers so far this year.

Data provided by GoodCarBadCar.

1 Volume brands do not include luxury marques or the low volume, niche brands Fiat, MINI, and Smart.

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