April 17, 2003

John Cooper Works kit warrantied by Mini

New York, New York – Produced by John Cooper Works, a new 200 horsepower performance package will be sold exclusively through Mini dealers and will be covered under Mini’s comprehensive new car warranty. The package includes a reconfigured cylinder head, uprated supercharger along with special engine electronics and a performance exhaust. This enhancement takes the regular 163 hp Mini Cooper S to over 200 hp.

Importantly for existing Mini owners, the package can be retrofitted to their current Mini Cooper S.

The cornerstone of the package is an enhanced Eaton supercharger with specially coated vanes that generate increased flow pressure. The unit comes with a new pulley design that allows the unit to spin at a higher RPM, generating an increase in power.

John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S
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A high performance head is also a key ingredient. The modified head has improved port flow and, crucially has been especially designed for the increased compression and heat produced by the supercharger.

The package also includes a reprogrammed Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which manages all engine control functions including airflow, combustion, fueling and spark advance. The enhanced ECU has been recalibrated to optimize power output and drivability, resulting in a lively throttle response and increased acceleration in the mid-range torque band.

Also included in the package is a stainless steel sport exhaust system. The system is a parallel-flow, low backpressure system with superb interior and exterior noise quality. The system adds a throatier, more powerful exhaust note has distinctive looking twin chrome exhaust tips.

The John Cooper Works equipped Mini Cooper S sprints from 0-60 in an improved 6.5 seconds with a top speed increased to 140 mph. This compares to a 0-60 time for the unequipped Mini Cooper S of 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 135 mph.

Visual cues are understated. A unique chrome John Cooper Works badge adorns the rear deck lid and, when raised, the bonnet reveals a visually appealing silver intercooler surround with John
Cooper Works logo. An individually numbered valve cover plaque tops it off.

The kit is only for the Cooper S. A Cooper version of the John Cooper package will not be offered for sale in the North American market.

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