September 6, 2002

Jeep relaunches 80’s ad slogan; unveils new logo

Jeep logo
Auburn Hills – Jeep vehicles will be marketed beginning later this month with an advertising tag line from the past and a first-ever logo designed to reinforce customer experience with the brand’s core values of fun, freedom and legendary capability. The “Only in a Jeep” brand tag line, which was successfully used in the late 1980s, will be relaunched with five new national TV spots in mid-September and print ads that will appear beginning in October.

The new logo, the first in the 60-plus year history of the Jeep brand, is a graphic representation of the front grille and windshield of the Jeep Wrangler (TJ in Canada), the icon of the Jeep brand. The logo depicts the strong styling cues of the TJ/Wrangler: the seven-slot grille, round headlights and rectangular windshield. The “Jeep” trademark is centered within the windshield.

“The Jeep brand logo is entirely appropriate,” said Jeff Bell, Vice President- Jeep. “Along with the Chrysler winged badge and the ram’s head for Dodge, Chrysler Group now has three very strong logos to support three unique and distinctive brands.”

Regarding the tag line, Bell said, “Anyone who has owned a Jeep vehicle will tell you that there are some terrains, some places and some weather that you’ll only get over, get to or get through in a Jeep vehicle. The ‘Only in a Jeep’ brand tag line captures the go-anywhere, do-anything capability of every Jeep vehicle, whether it’s the Wrangler, Liberty or Grand Cherokee.”

The “Only in a Jeep” brand tag line was first used by American Motors Corporation to market Jeep vehicles from 1984-89. Chrysler Corporation purchased AMC in 1987.

By mid-September, the “Only in a Jeep” brand tag line will replace “Jeep. There’s Only One” in all Jeep brand advertising. The latter tag line was introduced in 1990.

Jeep is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.

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